Wilhelm von Humboldt

I think I will continue with Wilhelm von Humboldts Introduction into philosophy of language because it is a complete edition by zerosoft Timisoara, in a book we look on intellectual property rights which extinguish after seventy years and we look on the intellectual and technical production process and here we find electronic preproduction was done by zerosoft for a textbook of 900 pages and print was done for a number of copies bound in softcover, the bookstore price was 7,99 € and the editor zweitausendundeins stopped delivery with a bookstore chain to serve its own outlets instead.

Here in the Humboldt edition we have a cheap textbook, only we have this volume for recension, it went from dictionary to grammar and to essay which were in his time itself recension of books for a oral speech and lecture at the academy of sciences and printed in the letter type system, bound in cloth and maroquine and a folio format and many years later, with the opening of Romania after the socialist regime and integration into the European Union Timisoara as Temesvar, Tämischburg as the german language minority was able to produce this book professionally with the software of microsoft and lithography and offsetprinting and binding and cutting and producing that volume for the editors outlet stores.

We can compare this volume to actual titles as low as 1,99 € and on the topic and the actual introductions of the philosophy of language after the linguistic turn, there is this dilemma.

The discussions on the philosophy of science aspect and bachelor and master thesis against diploma and magister artium and Staatsexamen will go on as well as dissertations and honorary degrees Ph. D and doctorate honoris causa and habilitation in an established university for the venia legendi the right to teach, I am here in Tübingen and the university prepares for another initiative of excellence, my alma mater had the rank of university of excellence and this process intending benchmaarking and ranking from the faculty to the chairs and a compendium of initiatives for the federal ministry of science and in the upper league the post doctoral grants of the directory of science in the commission of the European Union, most post doctoral grants are in the faculty of physics and implication is instrumental devices of research, cost intensive laboratories and data processing and handling and distribution and it implies administrative costs on wages and insurance and printing grants in scientific journals.

Here we only have one of the inexpensive classics. Zero-soft.ro has a website of its own.

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