A night of Ludwigsburg

I would like to invite to a film evening in Waldorfschule with Krishna Saraswati, Friday 19.00 for the film „The legend of Shiva and Parvati“ presented in Mumbai 2009 and for the academy of film in Ludwigsburg by Krishna Saraswati about his parents.

Krishna was a paramedic and inscribed the academy of film where film has to be presented for the degree of the diploma, now here are 70 hours of video cut into 84 minutes, presented here is Krishna who was the son of Renate Schneider and baba yogi.

Actually Renate was a native of this town and baba visited her, while Krishna was a paramedic he might have cared for her, the trend usually is paramedics just care for one hour and wait endless hours watching television and so we need legal certificate of death and police investigation and Todeserklärung, this is just not the whole life of a person and so Krishna did what he could do with modern equipment like I saw Panasonic video but he also showed the film in Mumbai after visiting scenes of his boyhood home  in the Himalaya and there is always a technical aspect if he wants to copy videoframe to technicolor frame if he wants to reproduce on a cinemascope.

The brother might have said some moved to Tübingen and some to India and Rajastan and this is cynical in some aspects because the millenium goals focus on hepatitis and infectious diseases while actually we cannot name the conditions like water quality, it is good in the Himalaya, also we have Institute of Indology in Tübingen and they travel  so they can express philological aspects like the written press, usually letter communication is four weeks but letters written to  relatives must be answered, if she had her man and husband there and decided in 1985 to move back reliable bank transfer is only with Deutsche Bank, if she appears penniless the story must be very good. 

We only have 70 hours of video of Krishna Saraswati of interviews and this is how he cut the tapes, this is his personal creation and personal belongings of a human person I did not have personal relations to are his now.

He writes the father and his son,  both parents died 2006 and  actually I cannot give proof as this is the hospital I wait everyday for the bus and which is the next busstop, this is the emergency room and every day persons with broken limps walk out for the bus, there are several emergency doctors sorties  and they never ask questions, the backdoor is the morgue and black  BINZ limo or transits pass, Haus des Abschieds is a crematory too, I cannot actually give more facts, proven facts and for the film, documentary is given proof in electronic file, the more artistic field is fiction and fictional writing and make believe that something is possible when natural science and allocation of assets is not in favour of optimal results, microsoft foundation must partner with Paul Lechner Haus of Tübingen for hepatitis, if there is real virus transmission and the laboratory needed only such partnership can be successful, Tübingen university hospital already send probes of fluids and tests to Estonia, the standard tests are cheaper if they want to provide results, we only do not have the real proof and declarations were somebody wants to be in case of illness, this is the ex-post fiction here for now, the idealization of persons passed away and the entrance of a young director on the market, be it binational or not.

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