Spring is in the air

We are in a small town with a river and here the library was the oldest hospital of Germany made of oakwood and framework, this is the interior design is a bit rough, the walls are whitewashed, history is this was the home of the sick and elderly and it still is an impressive framework on the northern rim of marketplace, booksale is on march 9th, 2011 and I wanted the original italian version of Umberto Eco name of the rose, it is also a novel in the library of Sankt Gallen, painted by Wannenmacher who also did the interior painting of the pharmacy of the negro, baroque expression about spices of Ethiopia,  we grew up with the lutheran bible in german where Moses had to lead his people into the promised land from the slavery of Egypt,  did I make the mistake it was Joseph the bookrunner with the sexy domina named Pothiphar, Moses was to the orphan child found in a casket in the Nile by an egyptian princess and he led his folks into the desert and through the red sea that parted when he flashed the magic stick, we here are accustumed to the broom especially when the snow and ice have receded, we read Egypt had the struggle for freedom now and after twenty days, the president parted, Egyptians broomed the Tahir place and removed makeshift tents and stalls,  the military seized power, now it is not an autocratic presidential regime, 70 billion € are still on the accounts of the Mubarak family, it is a military regime now.

For almost a year there were the occasional visits in a callshop were there are cheap PCs only and two  oversize monitors, the printers and faxmachines were replaced by a colour laser unit which is A4 only, the special  professional skill of the owner is writing in an email program in arabic script, here I am in the library and there is novum 3/2011 with the boldoni typograph in armenian and arab but italian mostly in a expensive print, it was reproduced by Benedikt Taschen in extended format, it was fotoreproduced in a bigger format but it was Boldonis own work completed and finished by his widow in the printshop.

Now there are more Boldoni typographs, what we need is an integration into products and actually, there is only a SAMSUNG CLP 670ND colour laser a printer only, and a LENOVO PC,  internet settings are if formats for printouts are accepted, I did not experiment with it, I more often used the LENOVO and Samsung laser energy friendly printouts, the dots are spotty, in imperfect modus.

There is no acceptable browser.

Here in the park on the parking lot I saw Konica Minolty bizhub service car, these are exceptional printers only there are some for printouts only and some four in one for fax and scanning and printing in black and white and laser, in the moment I do not think about using them, the professional use is arab language printouts, we are very much in the experimenting stage before delivering services and material, needed is a constitution for Egypt, we saw, Heidelberg had  an old university, Georg Gadamer 102 years old and what I saw was a Tiefdruck print engine by Koenig & Bauer for the IKEA catalogues, we must bring technologies together.

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