What does this proove? What are the consequences for legal procedures and state?

We say protocolar hierarchy is president, speaker of parliament, chancellor, vice chancellor and minister of foreign affairs, minister of defense, minister of science and technology, if demeanor in lower legal cases occured, how is the status of minister of science toward a certain title granting university, here Federal Department of Science Berlin to University of Bayreuth,  a little bit weak argument because the university is not in the centers of excellence league, they are having a congress of economists right now, Guttenberg did not mention the disputed doctoral degree on his website.  

We go further to foreign affairs like Lybia had clashes, Bahrein had 180 tanks on the streets, Egypt might be a military dictatorship, only what can we rely and agree when this basic guideline as expression of the subjective comprehension of law is sold out in press at Duncker & Humblodt, they mgith not risk a reprint when there is a clear proof of plagiarism because of  copyright violations, if it is in print already and sold out, individual copyright holders might sue for violation of individual rights, the situation is precarious if there is this protestation of state authority in the arab states and this may indicate, the law is going down with this too, what is to say to the holder of legitimate violence, as the minister  of defense is, returning from an interview and investigating the death of two soldiers in outpost north in Afghanistan, in the compound were he did sleep just two days before.

Now we know, science might be more complicated than legal procedures, what are about physics and chemistry and medicine?

President Christian Wulff postponed a visit to Bahrain were protestors demonstrated Hamad bin Issa al Chanlifa in Manama, two had been killed.

Libya had 84 protestors killed in Tripoli and Benghasi were Chamies Gaddafi tried to clear the city for a dictatorship since 1969, the ministry of health in Cairo named the number of killed with 365 since three weeks but is still is a military dicatorship, more than before.

To find legal expertise is United Nations languages are english, french, spanish and arab, german is not among them, the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN expressed an appeal for the government of Bahrain not to use live ammunition against protesters, the press release was from the Völkerbundpalast in Geneva.

Legitimate concerns are the right of political expression and economic rights and cultural and social rights, the rights of nations in the UN complex are the constitution and UN can only express conformity of the constitution with the founding bill and facultative protocols, otherwise they have to vote on

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