Sometimes you notice there is an event and you missed it and you think the location was not appropriate like a google presentation in a fake roman castle you think it too retro to catch the point, today it was design center cross cultural branding and you remember a center for the graphics art and printing in the Landesgewerbeamt might be too posh for what you are actually doing and you try to report from a distance like the conference of nobel prize winners with 570 invited young scientists on world health and public health amidst the epidemia that needs the researching young scientists at the bed and filling out the form for the deceased might be a duty of conscience, of course you do not expect Bill Gate to drop dead today, you can plan the conferences virtually only, in a labour relations conflict there migth be no reporting anyway as the reporters ae on strike at the pool and lakeside hotel terraces or in the cloud anayway, first I might report from the inner city.

Landesgewerbeamt was promotion of manufacturing, here we have an example of a metal and iron ore manufacturing firm founded in 1365 AD now for sale from a financial investing firm for 100 000 000 € the impact of deforestation and iron and steel was not in calculation, you can have the smithes at the factory for 700 years and earn nothing.

Of course they can do motors and brakes, the name of the factory is SHW swabian metal working hut a candidate for restructuring.

Landesgewerbeamt and Haus der Wirtschaft

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