We are approaching day 100 of the new government and first the paper files of the ministry of justice have removed in aluminium cases of higher court, ministry of justice did not have transportation boxes as they did not need them, then Helmut Ohnewald who lives in this town was the minister of justice and now it is Franz Stickelberger, so the greens might begin without files, we do not know exactly as after 66 years after the capitulation in war and 58 years of christian democrat government it was the first change like from Ulrich Goll liberal democrat to green Stickelberger. Goll was known for the Ferrari and the weapon, there is no scripted reality book for the change.

Federal government there is raring about the sale of 200 Leopard II tanks to Saudi Arabia by a federal council of security it reminds me the demonstrations against the sale of Leopard to Switzerland and we demonstrated there is Frauenfeld, here we had a coming together while there were the pro crowd seeing the tanks in action and the no crowd among them and it was my government selling the host government, really I was on their soil and they wanted it, now thirty years later it is modernized versions for the autocrat government in Saudi Arabia several months after they invaded Bahrein and of course tanks are an appropriate means of riot control, it is not democracy control while we are not training a trick pony.

We look back and we have the swiss officer society and an interview of Hans Christoph Binswanger professor of economics on Josef Ackermann his doctoral student, Ackermann was in the swiss officer society while we demonstrated the purchase and Bob Geldof was the singer in the swiss opera riots 1981 we called it the swiss troubles.

Josef Ackermann is to retire soon, we have the export of armaments into riot zones.

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