There was this conversation with the engineer of ZFLS of ZF from the plant in Kentucky who made a practice in manufacturing in power steering units in hydraulics and he said they want to optimize the production in Kentucky, previously there was a case in court a manufacturer might not join the because of monopoly reasons on trucks above five tons.

Now the situation became complex when a manufacturing order of 200 tanks of Leopard II 2A7 for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was approved from the security board, the gear shifting and power steering units might be done by ZF headquarters in Friedrichshafen,  the motor by Tognum.

There is a real issue behind it because the state government in the south west is green and manufacturing in a foundation of public ownership is a matter of interest and generating a financial balance sheet and a consolidated IFRS sheet, the foreign minister was asked as he headed the assembly of the United Nations and a resolution of children in war, how he does reflect the provision of heavy military tanks for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he does see no difference.

We have the position to reflect on german press and german subsidiary of an american printing press based in Madison Wisconsin and Texas, they organized an event in Bahrein Power Gen about industrial technology in the kingdom of Bahrein, Saudi Arabia invaded this nation in unknown circumstances, to mention here is Pennwell USA produced both an american-english and arab written invitation and program, so the linguistic competence in industry in arab language is here, power generation of Siemens is producing electricity from natural gaz or pure crude oil, Pennwell produced a brochure.

Now in the moment we are not producing print for Bahrein, we want to make sure the invitation and the print was legal in the laws of the USA and Bahrein, we cannot debate the constitutional law of Saudi Arabia here because there is no constitution.

The gearshifting unit of Leopard might be produced in Friedrichshafen, Zeppelin university has the name of the founder of ZF too, a small university of private law might not prevent the production in the factory nearby, we need a legal protection too and the written resolution of prime minister Kretschmann for the Panzerbrigade Sigmaringen was disappointing, he compelled minister of defense Thomas de Maizière for the support of the Panzerbrigade in Sigmaringen, his electorate.

Obviously he wants soldiers in older tanks more than the restructuring and we make this complex of disposition public, the escape always is defense is a matter of federal policy and parliament we have voting on public laws and public affairs but not in boards and councils without involvement of the parliament.

ZF has the technical drawings of torque transmission units for military vehicles on her page mostly with wheels and rubber tires, there are also units for chains, in all details manufacturing and production are restricted, thirty years later into the process we want one legal description concerning the cabinet wars.

The answers of the debate between Jürgen Trittin and Joachim Pfeiffer CDU of Waiblingen on federal parliament printed matter 17/6438 are on the page of scientific services, Wissenschaftlicher Dienst des Deutschen Bundestages.

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