Europe and Norway

The week began with a report of a dialogue between Hans Küng of world ethos and Johan Galtung research of peace in Oslo and as I heard him before his opinions on Yugoslavia were dubious, his theories might not be worth for debate and now Friday when the live and loop reports on Oslo began he was the only Norwegian on an international floor. Another was Ketil Björnstadt whose prose on villa Europe was a story of a man who married rich and left the villa for forests in Transsylvania and as he returned the wife had purchased furniture for the villa in the style of each country the husband traveled and after the war she had a fraternizing musician as the de facto wife of her son, she continued to rally for womens rights. The story ended when her daughter had escaped Sarajevo with a husband and the destination of the villa was a home for expatriate Bosnians.

Carl Johan Vallgren of Linköping Sweden died, Ketil Björnstadts  short story of Norway is they did  join the European Union and not the Euro, the referendum for the treaty of Maastricht failed according to Statskontoret and Storting, they have rich parafiscal funds of oil revenue that they invest wisely for pensions, the linguist side is almost unknown.

Today I report the bomb explosion in Statskontoret had 7 victims and a shooting at the island of Utoye seventeen victims, a thirtytwo year old single extremist of norvegian origin captured and questioned.

From television reports there are rarely true facts, for the fiscal side there is no richer funds known that Oil- investment funds and Statoil, they will have to clean up their mess.

For the island of Utoye the evening a speech of Gro Harlem Brundlandt formerly prime minister and head of WHO World Health Organization in Geneva was scheduled and today a speech of Jens Stoltenberg prime minister when a shooting spree began that left seventeen young socialists on the beach, Jens Stoltenberg fled his office that was bombed by a truck with 500 kilos of TNT and spoke for a television interview, it seems to be the two coherent deeds of a single lunatic with radical right wing extremist background from a farm.

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