The papers are full with analysis of the massacre in Utoya named island of death were a shooting spree began Friday 17.00 and 80 young summercampers of the socialist governing party were murdered, the evidence is Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg gave an interview at the island and there might be a manifesto of the assassin of 1500 pages on the internet, he bought six tons of ammoniumnitrate for a farm and registered two weapons  while he was speaker of the freedom party, it was a anti-socialist spree.

„European declaration of independence“ is a 4,4 MB file to be found on hotfile and it is anti marxist, anti leninist and plays with the symbol of the cross of John, it is also the symbol of a protestant medical association Johanniter-Unfallhilfe a respected organization of paramedics.

Historic critic analysis of documents and legal forensic lnguists are  a rare species, the document seems to be in english.

This city has the longest history of historic critic editions of a poet named Friedrich Hölderlin about 1815 he was declared insane and he continued writing for the exchange of the wine he consumed, in 2011 a collection of hs poems seems to be ready for print so this is how can erratic documents be edited and made ready for print as it was the pre computer era and the Napoleonic wars of hs time were the general political insanity of his time, he Hölderlin was named insane but the crime was writing poetry.

We had another example Nikolaus Lenau was a poet who visited New harmony and tried to recover in a asylum, then on march 11th 2009 there was a shooting spree in the park of the asylum but mostly because moderate ctizens with an industrial enterprise were allowed to train with weapons to defend against the pedestrians of the asylum, the legal judgement was official persecutor against the father of the assassin and fifty Nebenklagen of the families of the murdered, the real situation is complex and forensic linguistic analysis is not a science with a undisputed set of rules, we have google here for an example.

wikipedia soon has examples of journalistic articles in norvegian language, before Thomas Manns romance stories and literary essays were for Bonniers and always a swedish version, what I found easy to read about Norway was Ketil Björnstadt „Villa Europe“ from the norvegian to german and a fine print on Munksjö’s paper, a very fine paper for print.

So first research guide was Statoils investments in a global economy and real investments of 350 billion US $ in the real economy, oil and gaz are in the deep ocean and in tanks and pipelines and the papers and treaties of the investments are related to natural resources there is also business legal english as an application, statoil does own drilling rights in Libya too and the right to drill and export oil granted from a falling regime which is under attack from NATO were Norway is a member is do soldiers of Norway protect statoils assets in Libya too.

This is undecided, we should not try to rationalize the criminal intend behind these murders while there is legal justice to be done.

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