This night one of the guests damaged a window pane and the repairmen are at work and they need a new wooden frame and window panes only windows that were not the norm are made by measurements taken and produced on demand usually there are insurance regulations Haushaltsversicherung but some rules might not apply if there is commercial use of the building and installations here it is the duty of the owner and manager according to legal regulations, the inofficial rule here is for energy purposes and noise reduction inside the three window pane frames are preferred.

So an order is placed locally. I only knew of another window producing firm and there might be costs involved for measurement and road travel and production so I leave it to the owner. There were cases before christmas a glass door was broken in a meatshop and this might be hooliganism or radical animal rights activists, the case took long times for production of a glass door and an insurance company was involved, two weeks ago there was burglary in a meatshop and buffeteria and also the glass door needed replacement also for the light emitting opening electrical mechanism, one employee said she was not paid for the month and on the case police investigating they took fingerprints from the cashier but here it were two mechniasms cooking and meatpacking might involve greasy fingers and fingerprints all over she shop, hygienic cleaniliness involves accurate cleaning and wiping the tables while the products are meat in meals and the main focus is on quality of the meals and hygiene and cleanliness in production.

We had this general aspect and we had rules of social policy and integration of the poor into socially accepted norms, the legal definition in a diversity of attitudes is not for easy definition as it reflects the diversity of rich and poor in an urban environment and decaying infrastructure and individual preferences, for the United States the reformulation of psychic deviations in a set of rules is under labour but here the legal judgement does not accept a framework of definitions of american psychiatrists and the more accepted norms are ICD 10 by the World Health organizations in Geneva, medical symptoms of illnesses are encoded in numbers but they are gross and usually insurance is based on the same extended set of indications by ICD 10 for cost calculations within the insurance and medical professionals with a median of Kassenärztliche Vereinigung and and credit points, here one credit point was 2,70 € depending on the region and the general level of employment and labour related index of sanity and medical applications.

Now we have the Verordnung of the European Union and COMS that have direct applications in public law, the private law is individual and ready for drafting for the purpose when two legal individuals agree ona private draft.

For a complex criminal case and law of constitution in Norway there is a need for investigation, Gro Harlem Brundtland was for a comunication on the island of Utoya before the shooting spree of Anders Behring Breivig began at the summercamp of the AUF, she might have remembered her year annual report of WHO she drafted and produced in the organization, mental illness and the rights of individuals, the applications are the process of research and they have to give legal witness, here physically proven relations to Norway are not given.

Making the case more complex is the assassin Anders Breivig had a manifesto of ethnic pureness with the name 2083 and this was preceding the criminal case, philological research here what do the words and grammar mean in that context, Norway has an immigration rate of 10 % is low in central european standards, the rule is the more works of literature and philosophy are translated the better for the competitive standard of the nation, we do not dare to assess what might be if somebody learned on the original works of August Strindberg, what were the topics and what the results, in comparation Island the small nation had severe economic problems and it is a small and definitie national languge everybody there seems to write in the national idiom, in comparation Norway is rich and resources in education and production of literary developments are low, norvegian-english in a literary context is not high on the literary agenda, if you could hear and see literary performance here for a presentation there was a time slot of one hour, give it for the presentation of a book or a poetry slam debate of the producer and holder of the copyright, the market is fast.

I also have one gothic novel of Skandinavia here for review, the general literary aspect might be why there are so many gothic novels and prose and the definition of crime in fiction and reality that is not defined, a fiction is an invention, the reality ex post are legal investigation files that are not for the public and with an ombudsman files for the general public if there are protected interests, the files are public there for the ombudsman and the individual.

We have the case here that a manifesto preceded the criminal deeds and there were nine years preparation of Anders Behring Breivig and nobody seemed to care, the results are more severe than the broken glass I reported here before.

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