world press award in Stuttgarts kleiner Schalterhalle

The local newspaper had the report there is a world press foto award today in the old train station in Stuttgart, it is a central building marking the central commuter station in the state and ten thousand passengers walking by commuting from their homes to the offices, the exhibition then is the best the press had in print in this year and for a whole year there had been numerous protests about infrastructure in the urban environment and the valley surrounding the city and suburbs, then to make it from the park into the gallery and from digital fotography to print is a digital upgrade, the competing groups of digitalization were in company with 380 written testimonials and the next steps seem to be improvement on both sides.

A script is a simulation of passenger schemes which might be some kind of logic like in small scale you could simulate a toy, on the grand scale you cannot simulate human behaviour because passengers will use their tools and their offices are hotel rooms and the banking groups and the newspaper shops and after all bringing their stuff to print.

Here are 180 pictures of the world press photo award to see and here is the blog to the exhibition with no copyright violations ever.

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