There was a noisy week in the stocks markets and mostly three markets USA, Germany and Japan lost big,  I think it is a credibility gap here when the congnitive difference is with saying they are industrial goods exporting nations and reality is, their stagnation is in the M 5 monetary markets, we define pure money as M 1, cash, M 2, M 3 deposits M 4 deposits and warrants and M 5 plus stocks and M 6 plus stock options, and this is the validity decreases with the quality.

From Hertha Däubler-Gmelin was a reform of obligations as Schuldrecht, unlike in Switzerland Obligationenrecht is the right of stocks as Aktienrecht, the talk on summerisland near the Anlagensee was, 100 € brought 103 chf and 5.– chf as a fee, this is almost the parity of swiss franc and euro, we began with 80 to 100 chf/DM, one franc noted 20 % below the DM and we calculated, a packet of coffee was 5 chf and we visited the cheapest discounter behind the border, we find 200 grams of nescafé for chf 10,90 and this is almost 10,50 €, we think these products are extremely expensive.

The exchange rate for the swiss franc went up continously for 37 years, good became more expensive all the way and and parity is near, first chf/$, one franc will give 1,10 $.

The first rationale here is, where do you earn the money, usually wages were higher in Switzerland too and if you had a working permit wages per hour were higher, you found the prices of spaghetti and coffee extremely high, the packets of coffee were cheaper.

Here we also have the program of summerisland, 20.– € for a plate and this might be 25 $ for a meal, only spareribs are 3,30 € all you can eat.

The stock market needs as much reflection as the markets of goods.

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