Till last Friday I followed the track of Alfred North Whitehead 1947 in Cambridge Massachussets and I found Robyn Whitehead friend of Pet Doherty had the same name, she was the heiress of Sir James Goldsmith.

There are numerous reports these days on Britain and there is a tumbling of stocks everywhere so it was a promising idea to reflect if the offspring of that famous philosopher was a drug addict and found in one of the communal flats of Petes friend, we do not know much on hereditary peers here and a videographer of twentyseven years young in todays technology, I found once a grandparents business as a printer was deleted and a grandchilds business as videographer is advertising was introduced, only there is no real synthesis as you cannot print video, when the stocks are tumbling and when a fusion of Google and Nortel and Motorola is waiting a real fusion is not waiting here.

Rupert Murdochs channel sky tv has a reporter with a 45 kilogram dual lens camera on the field and they hope to have 3 D television then and this is simply as analogue to one eye and two for stereotactical views on Friday we see what is new in technology.

Process and reality is a good book on natural philosophy and I thought logic in philosophy might be logic in programming too, this are really very different levels asd machine programming is redundant routine, you might say you take Robyn Whiteheads video and look for evidence as this are some leftovers and you burn it onto a blu ray disc, then you might cut it into sequences you want and these you want to dismiss and you would not have to seek the aquintance with Pete Doherty, you would not have found the videographer herself.

With Britain burning in parts of London and I saw this on BBC videotape is the evidence and we have a complicated situation here.


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