There was the report of a live transmission from a pickup driving through Tripolis by sky TV and it was unusual because satellite Intelsat needs a transponder for incoming signals, usually there is a Iridium phone ready for voice and message uploads, as there never was a triple flat Iridiums are rarely used as they always charge satellite fees, for the regulation DSL 16 000 plus flat and 16 000 by vodafone it is enough data, depending on network in urban and rural regions, we knew Africa is a satellite region only as there are no fiber networks at all.

sky did transmission once, for the regular business there is a reliable wireless transmission in the making, sometimes on a truck.

It is summer and numerous tourists traveling and the roaming for fees a serious concern and some even buy cards according to the country they are traveling the multinational carriers have their fees and we need switching and media options, we need the packet.

We knew there was an excellent book of Sebastiao Salgado on Mocambique usually electronic formats, for once I even had Somalias Hantiwadag a foto book I once got, these 1979 year was Kodachrome and lithographed by film and separated and reproduced to aluminium, this was a usual fotobook and similar to National Geographic we had fifty years to compare, there is even another reprint of paintings handcolored but here we have old print technology needed sidereverted painting for reproduction, like english horsemanship had the horse painted for the wall and reproduced this was reflected in a mirror and repainted on a copper plate and colored with paint, for the abovementioned collection of bird and ornithology there was a number 200 copy the last item, the plates wore out but in 2011 one of the remaining volumes is good enough for 50 000 copies and even can be made in China in xxl formats, the reproduction is technical.

Walter Benjamins works are 9.99 in two volumes in print but this is a softcover and cheap and made from manuscripts hand copied and sent to Israel and from three editions one cheaper is made in Romania, it is enough to publish the author, seventy years are the copyright phase so it is not author protected, unusual that anybody wanted a book even after these seventy years.

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