In this week we saw stocks tumbling down while there are usually DAX 30 and tec 50 and best 100 there are these stocks by number of stocks issued multiplied by price and this is market capitalization. In the index can be market capitalization, usually it is only measurement of best thirty.

Stocks were going down 9 % and this is like 100 € fixed minus 10 % is 90 % so a stock loss of 10 % is 90 € the new price for the same share.

Globally if there is downward with 9 % to 1,2 % in the Index Vietnam stock exchange index has smallest losses, if the inherent substance is weak too there is no real measurement.

So we plug throught the file in search of a white elephant and we saw google giving an order for motorola 63 % over current price in a fixed price order and we know, there is no real substance in it also, we would never take motorola over Samsung so 63 % is over the top, there is no white elephant.

Android 2.34 is nice.

September 6th will be the booksale after rentrée as often holidays make the summer, this year I often was in Tübingen and it always was more expensive thant expected and so the booksale might be more material for recension and to work with, there was an italian version of Umberto Eco the name of the rose there, I often got good books in philosophy and used books for recension, the room is not too expensive but quite expensive and when writing the blog you wish for recreation, Tübingen is very expensive and I might return to the local library.

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