The library sale

It is bookfair today and we have one series of the literary magazine „the raven“, der Rabe book 1 to 55 and a compendium of windows XP Server, all of them quite old and from library stocks, it is a sellout in the library.

The dax Index dropped by 6,2 % and in federal parliament the speech of the minister of finance is on the air in the moment, the local conservative representative wanted to raise the tax percentile from 43 % to 49 % in income tax, he is the speaker for the budget and the whole budget has 300 billion €, a newer EFSF is 211 billion as a standby for defaulting bonds in the eurozone, the buy back and open market trading continued by the ECB by 200 billion € and so far the average interest rate was lowered from 2,220 % to 1,98 % but you cannot proof this as the offer and the trade are to be fixed with computers and contracts, the local stock exchange is EUWAX and it has options, exchange trade funds ETF and stock of all stock exchanges, mostly american, the fusion was between Deutsche Börse and NYSE New York stock exchange, we are trading in books this morning.

State elections were Meck-Pomm, with 35 for social democrats, 2,7 % for liberals and up to 12 % for national democrats, this is the extreme right wing national party, you could call them nazi in the formerly communist german east, debate in parliament is the euro as the common currency and Greece is the culprit, which ought have a debt rate of 60 % of the gross national product and has 120 % of all services and trade in one year, the local library has books in russian and turkish and greek language, here immigration from Greece is common and in all shops were it is spoken the products are used and consumed with great selfishness but the modern literary Greece and editions, as language that is seriously for modern economics and international affairs often lacks comprehension, so the debate is complex as I earlier reported here from a congregation of the greek orthodox community but this is sirtaki too and bifteki in the time of EHEC enterohemic escherichia coli, the german outbreak like soledad in the age of cholera.

Greetings to beton 7 . I might have another look on the language books now.

The globe and mail reports yields in bonds of Greece are 18 % now, for the communication I saw a samsung netbook and a ACER tablet but also n-tv television breaking news and hundreds of books now, after the summer recess there are the customers who file the antiquarian books, mine was a history of the italian town by Benevolo, trading in money and goods after the black plague epidemia of 1347, but also trading in bonds of Italy is 17,3 % on the day and there is a television affine prime minister, lastly to be seen on the Paris conference on Libya with Hillary Clinton last week.

The conversation was on a SONY NEVX 20 with 16 megapixel and 1980 to 1080 lines which was presented on the IFA television exhibition, the booths were raided for product piracy, like Apple had a suit against the Samsung galaxy tab with android 2.2, there will be elections in Berlin soon and in the moment 500 luxury automobiles were torched, on the air is n-tv and the debate in bundestag in the reichstags building.

There will be a tough schedule in european affairs and budget policies, the true wealth is spoken and we have in

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