There is a debate in parliamemt today concerning the right of the railways and democratic decision making in laws concerning railways and infrastructure and referendum, my previous profession was with the constitution Switzerland so they had a new constitution written and they call the referendum whenever there is a question for decision by the voter only lists of signatures have to be presented and the referendum can be given to the ballot box.

Now in a state neighbouring Switzerland there might be a referendum concerning railways that are not so proberly maintained and lack maintenance, the railway company is a federal company named DB regio and DB Netz and the state orders traffic so there is a responsibility for the state for the federal company only the funds in the ministry of infrastructure and traffic for the railway company are federal and state mixed projects, a sate cannot repair railways systems on its ground in its own responsibility as there is a nationwide company for that.

So there might be a state referendum on November 26th.

Secon topic is the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Berlin, Erfurt and Freiburg in Olympiastadion and Kloster zu Erfurt and Münster in Freiburg, the schedule is tight, and constitution and law are not only secular but also neutrality to denominations and only the catholic church has treaties of international law, today in Krakow also the treaties of Poland and Germany and the European Union concerning the common currency of the Euro might be debated, Poland wants The European Union defining its competencies concerning the Euro and the European central bank but is not a member of the Euro currency countries but has the Zloty

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