Now for the news that colonel Muammar Ghadaffi has been killed by a NATO Airstrike as CNN reported with Al Arabya there is no real proof as we compare with the hospital of Tübingen and the newspaper yesterday was, there were some irregular soldiers of Libya evacuated to Army hospital in Ulm, these hospital is federal, the names and papers might be indications and for the visual we might refer to a canon raw image as a photograph of the incident, very often it is the legal proof for misdemeanor like parking under a forbidden parking sign the officers will take a photo and issue a fine Ordnungswidrigkeitengesetz, for the moment if there might be rebellion and fighting in Libya the real indcation and proof is rare. We have a case of Ruanda before OLG superior county court on a plea with the world court concept like Völkerstrafrecht and this is evidence must be brought before court and it is a criminal court so the attorney of state has to collect the evidence.

If there are subjects of Libya in federal army hospital in ULM the state attorney may question the subjects, as there is another case of a judge there who was evicted, it is to neglect his writing, if the doctors do write evidence it is medical.

Now what do we know about Misrata right now?

The doctor of the hospital in Misrata certified death by wounds in the head and chest and prime minister Djbril certified death also, the video in was from a mobile phone uploaded nne mnutes ago, there was an interview with senator Mc Cain on CNN and the mobile phone video is proof enough, we do not need a direct contact to Libya.

The screenshot of AFP video is proof enough, the state constitution and law in Libya may be more difficult to achieve, here is the news of the day only.

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