We have a topic now light in November today are six degrees above zero and there was a punk festival at night I hear sometimes and punks are playing drums and guitar and bass aloud, in the morning the papers arrive and I reflected on the collection Ullstein classics in reprint as Archipel Gulag by Solshenizin and Nils Holgersson by Selma Lagerlöf, Imre Kertesz the man without fate as he left the concentration camp and this is a collection of fine printed classics for 99.– €, it does not have the actuality as before for the news between sport reporting and medicine when two handball referees collided fatally with a truck their hometown is the place for further decision as usually a commercial coroner is involved except the department of forensic medicine has objections, it is a university department with a judge called Ermittlungsrichter Rottweil so the whole car crash site at Empfingen may be measured and two dead bodies either the morgue of Empfingen or Institute of pathology Tübingen or the hometown of Vellmar Hessen to decide, the approaching truck had driver and passenger so there is a complex of injuries and subjective Aussage and there are 24 firemen involved we might expect a rapport and red cross „Darstellung des Einsatzes und Verrechnung der Aufwendungen“ for the insurance of health and insurance of the car that had caused the accident, of course a headcrash on a highway without a bend is dubious.

The interviews of the employer and Deutscher Handballbund arrived as both Bernd and Rainer Methe were on the way to a match in Balingen in a brand new Mercedes Benz, the case is closed for the reporter.

For the equipment manufacturer we saw a Canon digital and teleobjective that did dim in the neonlights of the room for Bernd Engler and Klaus Töpfer, the canon can take images without a flash which is when a speaker delivering a speech he does not want to be disturbed by flashlight we have insufficient light and the other using Nikon digital he had a flashlight mounted, for the awards of the young excellent scientists there might be few digitals as it is a printed and signed document and we heard speeches.

There is a theoretical video capture motion modus like the award had a short speech the quality might be enough for television, we have insufficient media quality here, the journalist working with pen and paper is accepted.

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