We lately had a scientific award of best bachlor and masters thesis and students were traveling to places of research and wrote bachelor thesis and on a day of presentation from nine to nine the presentations were a three minute statement befor a lecture of one hour called the sustainability lecture, the city has a local cable tv net and network.

For important lectures the great networks used cable BW or PHÖNIX so this is a really great audience like the ethics awards was one hour lecture live on Phönix by cable, an event like the sustainability day also has lectures, only we usually do not have the opportunity of negotiation, a politician is pleased when his speech is live in the network, another is opposed to the breach of confidence, they attack the cameraman.

So this day had an invitation printed but presented two point pens, it is to write what is said but we usually have the own pen robust and well made and the next day the essay will be written on the notes taken by pen.

There is an official photograph with a Canon digital with teleobjective who will take digital images usually he has ten meters to the desk, he will take fotographs during the speech and Canon has a light regulating system here, he will take several pictures, almost unnoticed because the speaker who presents a lecture wants to speak, he will take ten pictures and another ten for the thank you note and shaking hands.

The freelance reporter has a Nikon with flashlight and persons find flash lights intrusive, they will be natural till the moment he shoots them.

College TV has another approach, they wait for hours and take few sequences.

Then the theme was genetically modified food and world hunger and the thesis was excellent, the presentation was short, the essentials in a clip might be Eve presenting an apple and speaking about it in thirty seconds, then eating it.

The presented cameras also are Canon EOS 550 d with 18  megapixels, there is a HD stream of thirty seconds in a framerate of 24 pictures per second, this is an ad statement format. 


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