In international comparison a loan of 500 k for a private house is a minor sum, the comparison then is there is a minimum definition as a human can live on 364 €, the sum questioned is 1500 months, say a poor man has to pay back every cent for a hundred years of solitude to live a modest house, a bureaucrat did nothing to build the house and nothing to pay for it and nothing to clean in it as it he though he is entitled to live for free, all the subjects have to work for him and pay the bills just for the case they have enough left after payment of the bills and the taxes.

Christian Wulff is an ignorant, a medicore bureaucrat who is best in signing laws and not questioning them, it is enough for publishing the laws and he does sign whatever is on the table.

So what is his friends turned foes? Springer and Bunte of burda of Offenburg, both are minor trash periodicals and the president who is a populist also thought he bought them to propagate his lifestyle, he wanted to the role model and he thought the press will popularize his style also for free as he knew the world to be according to his wishes.

Now there is a upperclass a elitist professional class and there are the lower class media, the presidency does little to satisfy the first, the professional thinker is Jürgen Habermas, he is the president of thought and sociology, Christian Wulff is the underdog turned populist and presidential actor with a biker barbie as his wife, he lives in the yellow press world and he is published by them, his world is celebrity paper of his choosing and he neglects two third of the serious printed scientific papers he is not interested in.

500 k is not a cleptocrat worth his money and earning them with a modest official salary, he lives in a castle and just brought his suits, his friends did earn more and used to buy what they wanted including services and he just wanted the services for free like the all you can eat and all inclusive mentality, always some other person has to foot the bill while the real footing of the bill named a new law on more services and more labour it is him to foot and sign the bill, coherence and logic aside while there is a majority of representatives, elected by the people for an election period.

The real casus belli is the president is not worth the money and nobody would bribe a looser anyway.

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