There was an interview of president Christian Wulff with two television managers on his role and he said he would visit friends and live in their houses without a bill, similar bill for hotels are for the fiscal authority and the case was debated with a reduced value added tax for hotel accomodation, today a party convention will begin in Stuttgart in the Theatre of State it is were the royal house of Württemberg had a theatre for divertissement, it is plush posh in silk though modern conference technology is what is needed in any case and so the case is on article five of the constitution and covenants on political and social rights.

Christian Wulff like Phillip Rösler were in the hotel Meridièn for presentation were a minister can leave a room with a correspondent while me sitting in a presentation of microsoft in the room Hegel this is a business convention, the conservative party or the liberal party renting the same room it is a convention for the catering, for state there is a ministry of state castles and spa facilities and this was the historical controversy especially castle castle Ludwigsburg build with taxes and tributes were king Friedrich and the Graevenitz  received Napoleon, it was in another room also presentation of microsoft, today powerpoint is what you make it, the rift  between Baden Württemberg and its state bank and Berlin were the Länderfinanzausgleich a fiscal compensation scheme and today it is Berlin and Stuttgart, Wulff was here for one afternoon but he presented in Afghanistan and the emirates, we are the only green state in sixteen states so the legal position then is weak anyway after sixty years on conservative law, there might be a young president anyway and in old time times the lackay knew to find the king in the  bed of the Graevenitz, government and presidency and needs modern means of communication and here we report it was a television studio only of ARD and ZDF two government owned channels, the federal court decided they can receive funds preferentially, the live report was from a studio.

The private press is on distribution with „Die Zeit“ a weekly today a wholly private owned and operated weekly in print with a debate corner and reports, the core of the debate is what is the president good for.

Compare it to president Clinton and Barack Obama and before Vaclav havel were Pavel Kohout had a plane of president Fischer of Austria to prague to the funeral of Vaclav Havel and he returned the same day to his concierge presented nursery home, it was Madeleine Albright who presented the USA, Germany usually has a chancellor who commands an airforce airbus and the president another one, office usually needs a desk and a pen.

Former president Köhler had a lecture in the new aula, it was a lectur on free exchange rates but this was in his honorary degree as doctor, he might not even sign a degree of doctorate, as only chairs with a venia legendi in universitary debastes can do this, a president who has not earned a Ph. D. like doctorate of philosophy or legal or medical has the status of a layman only, there is a minister of science and technology before of state and of federal state, the case we have which one is ideologically and which one is excact scientific and how do the cabinet relate to the parliament and to castle Bellevue the presidential office.

Wulff said he owned two collaterals for the mortage and would present a bilance sheet after his time in office ends, he was elected for five years and he regretted the embarrassing and harassing mobile phone calls were he spoke on a mailbox of an editor out of office, for the comparison with the United States there are laws and bills and Berlin was an american headquarter, governor Raymond Earl Haddock was the last governor of the USA in Berlin.

For deacdes the president of Germany was persona non grata in Switzerland, until president Rau spoke in the federal chamber lower parliamentary chamber in Berne, now there is a elective competition for the stöckli, the second senate like chamber.

Berlin indulges in her feudal traditions sometimes while Switzerland Berne is strictly bourgeois, Napoleon III in Arenenberg was an usurpator in exile, asking in neutral Switzerland for exile and organizing the moderate economy of a mansion, for Epiphanias there must be debate with real kings and democratic conventions and would be kings of the orient, it is a tradition called Sternsinger, a choir visiting houses and the president in oriental robes to sing for Epiphanias, January 6th is a legal holiday called Dreikönigstag, the three kings who visited baby Jesus in a crèche, they might have open entry to Neues Schloss white room were Noam Chomsky received the honour of the Erich Fromm Preis 2010 and 2011 Anne Sophie Mutter, the White Room is the presentation room of state Baden Württemberg, for the federal republic of Germany Berlin is the capital and it is far away from here.

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