New York City after the Yale emergency advice

It is a tough time for the eastcoast and New York,  I was told NYC has the latitude of Naples or Rome, so it is southern, the climate humid, though my visit was September 1977 the actual vandalism was burning blocks for fire insurance cases, there were three types of architecture:

first brownstones are natural stones cut into three dimensional shape according to the technology in stone cutting, we knew there is a relation between the geometrical form of the stone and static as romanian round windows elevate to gothic arches there is a improvement in statics, brownstones do relate to the roof as a roof is a weight on a stone wall.

Next were brickstones, they have a regular form though there is a relation between the clay and porosity and due to humidity and heat in clay burning, the form then can be geometric but also the roof depends on the excess wall stability.

Then there were steel barrs, more geometric and welded and verschraubt, the unknown factor was, how did whole structures like the world trade center collapse, there was little excess stability.

After hurricane Sandy thousands of inexpensive buildings have collapsed due to wind, Winddruck, though thermodynamics of wind is another unknown as we noticed December 26 th 1999 orkan Lothario and wind damage on forests.

Now to keep new York, New Jersey alive it is to avoid bacterial contamination in water as water longtime in a pipe tends to breed legionella, also there is pressure in the pipes by pumps but these will not function if electricity is too low in the grid, water pumps will not work.

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