The black forest furnace catastrophe

News is the fire in a home for disabled children and grownups in Titisee-Neustadt the black forest were they manufactured wooden items, clockword and machine parts and some of the aceton caught fire under the roof storange rooms, 14 were called dead and 87 severly hurt, the nearest university hospital is Freiburg. Caritas last week had the federal judge sentence unionized labour can negotiate on wages, security and safety topics when hazardous materials are in store, the REACH chemical convention is not applied to small firms. So if we have the case a minister in a helicopter is as mobile as the law on medicine in hospitals and university, humans with special needs have a right of treatment in university hospitals, work for profit then is a necessity for cleaning clockwork orange with aceton.

Ready for a review of Ernst Bloch the principle of hope California 1944 who lived in Tübingen until his death and whose widow wrote the peace news group her last letter, then what could a philospher do when the wife earned the money and later he had a guaranteed income, the university of Tübingen then is an institution of excellence, medical research and hospital treatment are the momentum only medicine has a case and rapid response, Tübingen is a busy urban agglomeration, 87 cases of fire is an emergency.

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