The plane in Vietnam is a complicated case first there are the owners in Malaysia they wrote they operate temporarily in Dhubai and there is a government clique who lately fined their former vice president then the plane is supposed to have gone down in the waters of Vietnam who are proud of their marine and naval knowledge when you see then speedboats and fishermen might cruise the ocean, a Boeing 777 is quite a big plane when steered into the water there will be no trace, there might be 5000 meters of water above, some stories from the Pacific were planes of Japan and the USA were lost for decades when there were not divers or submarines, the pilot might be in but a constitution is, there are cells and bones on a human, there are fish and, bones make a DNA pattern.

Just as today I saw a lady from Japan and her daughter they learn socially when the DNA almost is the same, I saw a group of greek ladies and a sibling.

Now for this plane we have nationalities 150 are chinese, chinese speaking makes it difficult when chinese language is written, we have the names but proof of identity only can given when there is a trustworthy report, and we only have Liu Yivu or few sinologists who can read that, Boeing and Malaysia, China in literature and the group of calligraphs in Kuala Lumpur wanting back to Beijing China after a congress, they only use rice paper usually, underwater no way to find.

So we need one of them who will write the story of his relatives, the man is the bearer of the peace prize of booksellers, wrote three of his books by heart and mind when he was in prison robbed from these papers and sometimes is in Germany but he drinks snapps, German Re Insurance and Allianz SE have the principle life time earnings expected to reward for life lost so a calligraph might be sixty years old expecting 20 years to live ane earn but theoretically on the average of Chinas 1,3 billion persons, this is the statistical entity, there were only 150 in that accidental plane so statistics are nonsense just for these really wanting from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, of course there is Boeing, we expect they will deny, for the moment we cannot make a real serious assessment, so we might try this literary way, of course, bcc or cc to IATA in Geneva it is next to Dell office Switzerland or ICAO Canada, we would try the literary way because calligraphs with a grave in the oceans are best rewarded with pieces of art they would choose.     



Liao Yiwu is via his editor S.Fishcer formerly Samuel Fischer in Germany.

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