There was a turkish wedding the bride wore a white gown and guests usually disappear in an upperfloor office while welcome guests wait in the park here with orange juice, they were well dressed, I thought to make excerpts Thomas Nipperdey and write some blogs and it was a very warm and bright day too at the weekend of Pentecoste which is a holiday in christian tradition were humans speak all languages turkish is not among them so for the messages there was sailing the small american cup with identical boats and on the place an oldtimer rallye a 1957 Cadillac and Wolseley roadsters, motorbikes and a band, I got coffee, some books for recension were one an erotic romance from the Ming era printed 1978 was not listed, it is about the divertissements in the mandarin offices on the day of bac, the university exams.

Moms a daughters spend time at the fountain it was so hot weather children took a bath, dads choosing beer of coffee and well I had my stress moments with the horse and cart on the place with coffee guests and the Wolseley roaring loud, the horse was calm.

Today sunday.

I had the intention of traveling soon so I got another USB connection kit starter kit by and the wellness hotel and nearby horsebreeding farm, day fees are 42 € without the Wolseleys but a bath for handicapped swimmers after the apoplex rehabilitation, it is available by bus but the wellstocked bakery closed we had the insolvence notice earlier, so summer began and it is a summer in the city, tea is ready, the man with bag of society of nuclear medical sciences 2002 in Freiburg said, his 37 year old son is in Würzburg, so we might not meet anytime soon, call it a day.   

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