The airplane crash is on the headlines and page one of newspapers here and obviously there are some video footages of the crash, first in nationality as law enforcement is for nationals as to check name against he passport number, against european union passport against passenger list of Malaysia Airlines and border police in the Netherlands.

For South Germany there are two departments of legal forensics in Ulm, he had a doctorate in law and in medicine.

Then there is a department in the University of Tübingen with 180 staff I think there can be relations for DNS sequencing and tooth recognition to crosscheck a tooth found and a x ray and digital x ray as there are datasets for printing from the x ray scanner to the printer, so access to the crash site is restricted as far as militia hold the area, law enforcement is we suppose a federal police in Kiew.

Germany never recognize legally facts of war crimes or there was no relation to individuals as Einsatzgruppenprozess in Ulm 1958 stated summarily 3500 crimes of murder of first degree, then there was no other legal legislative in Kiew or Minsk Bjelorussia or Russia there were no other courts than Gulags.

Now as we suppose there are divergent rules as the Netherlands the departing nation, Malaysia the carrier and international private law headquarter and offices. Netherlands group of passengers were on the tour to a global AIDS congress in Melbourne, another complication as immigration into another nation may be restricted for HIV positive activists, for some nations and university hospitals it may be legitimate reason, for blood and bone samples scattered over the area and burnt in fire and explosive it may be minor if there are T cells detected, say the man was positive or not, it may add to the evidence.

So we need the 3 D models of teeth to recheck against dentists records.
We need the names of the victims.
A legitimate burial site according to the cult and religion.


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