Then we have Dath in relation to Heidegger like Waldshut to Freiburg and Hinterzarten or opening of the university of Freiburg in a time Dath did sent files to FAZ in Frankfurt, university of Frankfurt is different.

So the late diaries of Heidegger are in print by Vitorio Klostermann, from 70 black books to 7 volumes in print today almost 70 years after founding of the federal republic what did a chancellor of the university of Freiburg note it vanishes in the dust.

Dath is his grandchild literally, generation X to generation fascism, even the swiss across the Rhine were Dath lived they saw no sense in the holocaust or economic repression but Germany in many ways did, there is no real explication why jewish communities should not exist and flourish in the middle of the nation, say here in my library, say in the agricultural regions in the south were some day a Heidegger was the chancellor, the debate for 2015 is ready, only I got Dath today cheap in the sale, Heidegger expensive in philosophy bookshop I do not reflect to pay so expensive.

They are antagonists like grandfather and grand child.   

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