This will be a high class research theme.

Last year the virus of hepatitis C was discovered, means specified, before there were only electronic microscopes and the specialist in fungus Sporen died last month in a heart attack drowning, so between bacteria there are the virus.

Thomae in Biberach has a genetically modification laboratory in Biberach and claims to have a biotech serum against hepatitis C in experimentation, so with lack of approval by FDA Federal drug administration and the CDC Center for Disease control in Atlanta, docking in antibodies is a rare method, it may proof the epidemiology of hepatitis A, B has a 2 500 000 case files database from the military hospital in Ha Noi Vietnam, it means, traditional documentation of medical history of patients, means the virus of hepatitis is relatively widespread.

For the moment before medical history there is political history and West Africa declined into war, Sierra Leone the most gruesome, hacking hands with machetes, then Liberia with warlord Rawlins and then Ghana the Kofi Annan clique, Guinea.

Before there are these high tech bio tech methods an improvement is recovering from war, and improvement in general health methods, so as we think the appearance of the most aggressive virus which we think ebola is, the meantime might be ebola is deteriorating the liver and hepatic metabolism in four weeks, for Tübingen, it is not the high clean room standard, first the specification of the virus is important.

So first Thomae Biberach to proof there are genetically modified antibodies and better than traditional virus populated biozoenosis and then research at a cleanroom in Tübingen East, we are at the beginning only.

Difaem switched to South Sudan Red Cross, medecins sans frontières and UN bluehelmets were evacuated, they pretend difaem will go there or only send parcels, the crisis is when a knife is as deadly as a gun or a virus.

The UN staff member in Leipzig died 56 years old was a national of Sudan and catched a virus infection in Liberia, Ms. Sirleaf called for the help and he was evacuated with a plane with medical equipment and infusion, rented medevac and he lived for one week.

Conditions are grave there are camping 2000 persons in Munich. Partly having no bed and warm room and so prone to cold and infections, we need current evacuatuon plans too.

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