Conversations were there might be un upgrade to high security cleanroom conditions for the university of Tübingen Institute of tropical medicine and Max Planck Institute for actualy cases.

First he had Dr. Miller being the referend for papers for the Institute of cardiology Leipzig were the first actual patient received treatment for an evacuation from Monrovia, Leipzig is a national reference center.

News are Heinz Feldmann close to a serum for the National Health service of Canada, and Glaxo Smith cline for NIAID.

First reports on were Prof. Dr. Dr. Kremsner is, we support him, we assume a virus identification for hepatitis C is close to ebola virus, usually they need one of 40 000 antibodies to dock and identify hormones to dock, then the c-test has results for imflammatory disease, when liver metabolism with hematocytes and leucocytes and hormones are involved, the reactions are immune reactions to virus.

We cannot quantify, we cannot qualify, we do not know antibodies involved and of course need qualifications to reverse and retrovirals.


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