We experiment with a SONY HX 50, it is a new camera with expanded autofocus and a 32 GB USB Card, in the moment it is unusual SONY has a vault the cloud for storing pictures and it has a Wi fi connection, there is no special imgaging software.

So SONY is always a risk, 20 GB image are great, now connect the pieces, software also is online and we do not have the usual software connection.

So some image in the grey it is the usual condition in late autumn to winter, there are no luminosity, extremes of light and sun though for the principle of a digital camera it is light is transformed into a magnetic impression and there is no linearity, so as to say as the sun crossed the capricorn the sun is above Zambia right now and there the brightest luminosity, physically, we only expect a camera as a device in the cloudy sky to function on a reasonable extend of brightness, 80 % of maximum light impressions.

For astrophysicists in Darmstadt there was this trimph steering a landing module on Gerasimov-Jurtschenko a asteroid, it has happened.

On the earth a astronaut returned to earth, in a Soyuz from ISS.

So in our problems I got some old books Bodo Kirchhoff, Isabel Allende, Nelson Mandela Road to freedom, essay for philosophy and ethics.    



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