Actually who waits at Lampedusa or Aleppo or Ankara when commercial airline travel is common and when immigration is the backside of tourism the argument for Ellwangen is cheap first there were three wars and the institution survived but economically dubious because you do not simply order chicken and ham at ALDI or Kaufland to Ellwangen, basically there are no cowboys with the cattle herd there.

A very dubious concept for John Kerrys moderate Syrian rebels, or the allicance concepts, protests might follow but obviously there were these forts for 200 years and a modern concept, failure were ever you will look.

What does a child need at a cold day 4 degrees below zero in the thermometer almost at noon I thought cocoa and milk or a chicken soup or Beijing tomatoes glass noodles, there are unfriendly conditions everywere.

Celebrating the 100, year of my father who was born in 1915 he lost his mum in 1918, three years old and  from farm to town we only made it what is a commuting distance, a child and family need security and protection and simply there

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