There are news of several havaries in the mediterreanena sea obviously there were boats starting in Benghazi Libya in 8 Beaufort weather and 8 meter waves till the motor turned off, the open boat and rain and cold weather made the refugees freeze to death. There was a call from a satellite phone to the SAR rescue boats of Triton Frontex in Lampedusa but on their deck another dozens froze to death.

Expect 200 to 300 refugees froze to death in one night.

First this is shipping in international sea since Greece and Karthago we expect refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone the war zones and ebola stricken in trucks across the sahara and in ships to Lampedusa and Athens, Rome and Venice, this is either ungoverned Libya as port of destination, ships from the Greece tanker and ferry ships, they have lots of ships but passengers without visa demand entry into European Union.

First a refugee rescue centre declared in Ellwangen an old garrison with 600 beds, unclear of refugee and stateless persons demand the humanitarian service of the Geneva convention then they are quasi imprisoned with television, no torture policy, facts are there is tourist and migration travel and for a person living according to its economic need there Ellwangen is a bad alternative, language levels are A 1 of literacy, this is a ten grader level anyway there are some basic rights of travel, learning and economic behaviour, there is a no violence policy and domestic abuse but we see the disparity between cruising and legal existence, we saw the snow emergency in Europe and some agricultural practices are agricultural surplus stored during winter and reducing cattle and salted meat, this is not an option for the landless and homeless, we have to give notice that every humanitarian intervention failed for these 300 persons.

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