Then we had Frankfurt before the strategy is federal states have riot police units called SEK means special emergency forces, 3000 men of Bavaria, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Baden Württembrg have 50 men in a bus means sixty buses, they stay in hotels like IBIS Budget, garrisons, the streets of occupy protestors means autonomia of Greece, Spain and the USA ideologists some police cars Daimler Benz E 280 have been torched, the class is 40  000 € the taxi version, a citizen reporters kit is a Lenovo G700, camera SONY NX 50 with a strong zoom and a Huawei USB mobile unit 30 € and vodafone bon 30 days, 5 GB and mobile transmission, Frankfurt Rhein Main area living hotels are 60 € per day, so expensive, there is no dispatch of federal police, there are theoretically 36 hours by bus between the war zones of Ukraine and Frankfurt the capital of money only cost of living usually are very high, return over cost is cost is what a market really gives, Federal Board of ESM and Governors Board of ECM they might release press statements, later, the national press is 21 persons in Tunisia Tunis near National Parliament and museum, hostage taking and a raid into a museum left 21 persons terrorists, tourists and police for dead, Tunisia had these resorts before the arab spring and there were liquid gaz attacks means firebombs of a butane cooking gaz truck in a synagogue, jewish culture in the Maghreb near the ruins of Carthago.

So Frankfurt, the editor at large of the best german newspaper died in a heart attack, Schirrmacher, for literary reviews Stefan Lübbe editor of paperbacks born 1957 died of cardiac arrest.

Debate began in federal parliament, my representative Norbert Barthle was promoted ot secretary of transport so budget is on e year, they voted 520 to 32 pro trading bonds in Greece in 90 days, Vavroufakis had this interview with channel 4 for Great Britain before and as a monetarist of Austin, Texas, Sydney, Athens was good in fluent american monetary terms, this December interview in a Frankfurt park in the cold and his home story in an Athens apartment in the sun for Paris Match was elegant interior design, clever man, the board of ECM failed this opportunity, we do not have similar apartments nor in Frankfurt, nor in Athens, nor is any bookstore in Tübingen like this, ECM board members did not come for shopping anayway.

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