News of the day is the shipwreckage in the mediterranean were 700 persons drowned while first of all nobody has identification for port of origin is Benghasi Libya there might be no registration of ships and insurance with Lloyds of England there are underwriters and there are stakes but if Lloyds rejects insurance there is not.

So for my experience there are immigrants from Nigeria and we work for an hour of registration for a googlemail then this is a mail system and of course I do not know here her relatives are or were she is sleeping I only suppose there are trucks across the sahara and from Libya the ships and Napoli, Venice or Patras are the destinations as this is also experience there are ferryships in Greece from Volos to the islands and they cruise depending on the weather and the advertising jingle my home, my car, my yacht, usually you buy a ticket and thats is, is it not when destination is Alexandria or Aleppo or Benghasi or Tunis, so they are cruising when they have goods or want to buy.

European Union had interest rate reductions for fishing vessel so fishermen from Port could cruise to Alaska or Mocambique and fish then the price reduction of Diesel and crude came so when the ship is in the harbour and wrecked they simply stay at home with no fish they do not pay mortgage rates some day it is ashore, except there are risk related interest and fee when they buy crude in Libya or they trade in currency or they will transport humans from Ghana, Liberia or Sierra Leone to Napoli or Tübingen or Ellwangen it is political joblessness when Bilkay Öney rents six rooms and says this resort will be good enough for 1000 refugees from Liberia, well these 700 just drowned in the Mediterranean with a ship with no insurance a no rescue and no lifeboats.

The busdriver from Samsun just told in her Daimler bus, transport is her business, she has a new apartment but she does not own the bus nor can she visit her hometown nor is guarantee for sobriety and cleverness, the commuter is the customer and she will switch to train and airplane turkish when she has the money to visit home legally only the owner can sell a bus or a ship or an airplane.

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