Here we report legal practice in court there is a sign no photographs allowed means they ban a camera as an electronic device, as the usual hobby photographer using a Nikon 3300 what can he photograph record 35 years ago the last proceedings in court I heard were a lady who survived a concentration camp was at a sit in at an american base then the witnees a 200 Pound american sergeant behind a fence and a gate was asked did you feel a threat from this lady born 1915 who was in forced labour and knew the base was build in forced labour but unaware how many Netherlands, Polish and Sowjet men and women were involved, she was the speaker of the camp later.

Judge was also dubious when the german army moved from Württemberg there were a later general of this town who only was interested in artillery, there was his second and the platoon of an uncle, so the real figure of an american colonel Lang survived, had a boy and read the sentence against the lady, she lived until 2007. Their concentration camp had 70 years the liberation by the Sowyet Army there was potatoes as a soup for the victims, there was beef bourgignonne for invited guests but what would you see for this man presiding a court, how to they record 70 years ago, 35 years ago, they tried Montblanc the fountain pen, they tried Nikon and they tried phone recorders meaning during interrogation they disrupt and speak into their Olympus cartridge. publications were a photo journal and of course Barbara Klemm the photographer of FAZ and her black and white, they needed black and white only for FAZ in these day.

So how do you do stress management for a working court, these days?

Means a no camera symbol no chromebook of no ipad or no electronic device and waterman only or text is a arrangement of text blocks by word and and arrangement of standard procedures, their intentions are reducing workload and case load and producing impressive looking and reading objects of the latest printing device.

So the medium court secretary she literally knows the voice of her master, so from the spoken and recorded test she will produce a document.

Latest german procedures were shorthand they have nobody who writes shorthand any more they had this 35 years ago rudimentary but the reproduce in Parliament as the shorthand writers have a serious job they are exhausted in fifteen minutes but produce a printfile and newspaper shorthand writers feed newspaper Das Parlament.

What do they do when there is a three first director, second and third and a trainee and a medical doctor in the room, there only is this Olympus cartridge and a Dell and a Kyocera, the print files sorted by german mail.

So how do they legally publish decisions?

Economic and crime a strategy the plea was 100 Pages read aloud by a state prosecutor, the former plea had 600 pages for reading purposes only this is not read, press credentials for recognized press so a identification from their editor or their union and press, only they have no electronic publishing.

They have no substitute of the back office as a secretary who knows and voice of her master, Olympus cartridges are not serious.

They do not live the same world as we do.

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