So we will have these rallyes in Stuttgart of three different fractions and we suppose the nutritional workshops always were underorganized compared to Bosch and the Unions of metal workers so still today these prefer a Industry 4.0 model of data transmission were they send data and receive some objects without the negatives of majorities and elections, say a foundation like Bosch protects the system build semiconductors ASICS for a EST Electronic stability or a 40 000 € investment of a Daimler E taxi with a chip that may protect sliding in wet asphalts and tarmacs is designed in Reutlingen, these are custom ASICs by Bosch, the system may be 1000 € for 40 000 €, but it is a chip only and simulation and programming is these Lenovos with i3, i5, i7 are the faster and the more versatile and the more frequent used chipsets, only Germany has these industry 4.0 concepts, by Bosch, who never emitted stocks, they avoid even the shareholder democracy.

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