Traveling we are passing Esslingen it is an old town founded by romans which introduced grapes and wine making still is the profession of some old men, it is north so the steep mountains are hot in the sun, there also is practice in brewing vinegar as alcoholic fermentation the better are good grapes and minor are alcohol from potatoes it is not balsamico but know in the area and there is a new electronic store there for a ACER Pentium and a Huawei eight Core 1,20 Ghz, electronics are mostly produced in Taiwan and China so corresponding to a college of technology and old industrial they do produce heavy drilling machinery computer numerically controlled  means they can do gear shifting or heavy mechanics like the fusion of Zahnradfabrik and TRW showed, 4 000 000 000 € for eight gear boxes and active and passive safety systems known as airbags and sensors, they almost have no Huawei processor controlled equipment, Android 5.0 is a operating system, so from Esslingen we change to metro rail back to the city and for agricultural and biologic university and the yellow sale of books, then heading south to Tübingen is we have a store and distribution of high performance computers there but also engineers went to Taiwan for the fastest game PC mainboards and graphics engines mounted in Magstadt as it is, students in Tübingen and staff have the equipment in economic relations so a Pentium is good for them, a Game PC system is about 4000 € means the logical relations are ten slow notebooks for the price of one fast PC,  the relations are for academics who might have 50 000 € for a distinguished lecture and lifetime achievement, they wait for a Humboldt chair of 2 000 000 € or participate in the Gates foundation research program a office 365 for 55 € then is optional.

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