So Bavaria is less developped for books, Tübingen had Andreas Eschbach Herr aller Dinge as he studied air and space sciences in Stuttgart before retreating to a cottage near Pontivy Bretagne after Rennes he had these files and the story was printed with Bastei Lübbe all technical services are in Northern Germany, the story in a campus of MIT Massachussets Institute of Technology were the daughter of the ambassador of France in Tokio has liberal arts lessons and when denied the funding for computers he moved to Hong Kong were a magnate of China funded and he tried to assemble modules to repair mechanics near a junkyard in Manila, this was written before the Germanwings crash so there were two questions when a numerically ID door was locked the pilot had no ID so as he have keys to the lockers with aluminium plates the relation is simple but not trivial as usually one third or all lockers are defect, there is no knowledge based system for a locker, Tübingen they usually rent a locker for a semester but only with a student and library card, so have your personal space until July 1st, a book of 4 € is important only when a whole set of 50 000 copies is produced.

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