Products and documents are 1979 a german music group travelled to Kabul with a Setra bus and Daimler D 508, there they had a recording session with a Revox four track and a a generator had a recording session with the state orchestra of Afghanistan at Goethe Institut in Kabul, then one year later I heard the group in concert, it was original austrian radio soundbit Ö3 Burgenland, they crossed Iran, Afghanistan and spend the winter in a castle in Rajastan, were a child wa born, then the drummer settled to New York Roman Bunk.

It is India, Afghanistan emergency was declared, tanks on the streets, Iran the islamist revolution began and for the time that was we have a vinyl live of Embryos Reisen.

It means with certain technology the proof is a vinyl, a booklet and so would anybody have written a diary the technology in office were photocopy, we did photocopy.

Also german car producer Setra had their models then and have newer models, of course intermedia sales are to Africa and middle East and Asia.

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