Burgenland when 71 corpses are found in a 7,5 ton truck Vienna has an airport, passengers have goods and many travel to Eastern Europe including luggage so there is a legal entry point one port Schengen and one Non Schengen depending on their legal passport, ID or European Union passport with biometrics.

Actually these 71 corpses without identity, say a one gram of cells can be sequenced into a whole string of DNA, corpses are unknown idendity, but in freezer apartments house number 2.

Non the less there may be a boardroom 1. Bezirk Zivilschutzzentrum means Austrian Army war room, until further notice forensic center is University of Vienna is an Institute of public law under a chancellor, a dean for a faculty and a department.

Criminal investigations for four supects are in Hungary under law of Hungary and European law.

Meantime for the train station in Budapest one train left for Munich, humanitarian is they have no billets.

Usually a Intercity first generation leaving Klagenfurt to Stuttgart is a normal connection if there is a regular train ticket.

108 Individuals arrived in Stuttgart, they may be provided train tickets to Ellwangen, statement of Bilkay Öney was headquartr and files moving from Dorotheenstrasse to Da Vinci, there is nobody as civil servant to register anything, Police are Federal Police Bundesgrenzschutz, they have a office, similar to FBI.

Also there is 76. anniversary of the beginning of the second world war, demonstrations are for peace and these are likely to oppose riot police and also Sepember 1 st is when Hartz IV have received for this month including registered asylum citizens, they have 300 € for September so they go grocerey shopping.

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