9.54 MEZ the train left,  we were in a hurry for nine minutes to switch from bus to train, the fellow traveller was seven months pregnant then on this route for five years the millenials generation years zero we build this quarter in 1977 and inhabitants relocate depending on personal circumstances and so was the day before there now is clinical center and neonatalogy, giving birth as a professional service but they also practice walking and strolling while waiting, future father and mother together.

The supermarket groceries are this shop has quite improved it is more and better quality and there are prepacked meats and poultry and there are vegetables and fresh bread our pregnant lady also had fresh coffee it is how to define a job.

Visisiting organic food unverpackt means without any plastics their rule is the customer has his own cup but they say to clean and wash by hand so it is combination to the thermos and cups made in China and further negotiations.

My commuter rides for Tübingen are for the whole project Gates foundation and curevac with Dietmar Hopp there was been a presentation in Paris to Gates in a basement he asked for page 20 of a printout about RNA redublication.

Situation is a graffiti about Kobane Syria and we see reports of the husband who left Kobane when three party fighting was Syrian army, ISIS, PKK and militants he got to the shores of Antalya and from a rubber boat his wife and two sons fell into the mediterranean ocean, all three drowned as inlanders and water scarce levatins do not swin and had no lifeboats nor vest, all three drowned and were washed ashore in Turkey, the night was the news Father of the greek orthodx church in Kos, Levbos, Mytilena also died of respiratory ashyxation, the offered water and bed but hikers then cross the island to the port of Piräus and Athinai, both were topics of negotiation with financial microeconomics, then the bill was voted upon and Angela Merkel left for 20 hours of flight to Brasilia and on Thursday was in Geneva or Zürich-Klothen, Switzerland has two international airports and Dübendorf the military airport for F 18.

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