Always feel … she had her aubergine blazer some call it pink and diplomats black suits, one carried a travelcase, it is from ten persons nine had their hands empty but also Gates might invest when conditions are right, in the stock market he may have lost 3 600 000 000 $ this is when microsoft shares he owned dropped, we need further and more products as a surface is 1299 €, from here between Stuttgart were 150 syrian militant travellers arrived and Ellwangen were 2400 were registered for beds, there often only is a shifting in resources when one garrison is negotiated public law these are intergovernmental treaty like books, Minister of integration then visited Welzheim were there had been graffiti at a mosque we as a family had, well as a boy I was shown the wood were executions happened and to personalize it is I have to evolve a story unless I do not know, this day a funeral will be either Tübingen there are professors and access restricted Talfriedhof, high modern Bergfriedhof and for urnes and muslim according to view to Mekka usually the hospital has medicals and some Institute of forensics and pathology and this is acedemic, medical and legal, for a 63 year old conservative bureaucrat we knew his home and village of origin, Tübingen the city, it is rushing to laboratory and office, no Gates nor Strampfer, but also Strampfer supervised building quality and standards for IBIS too, most students cannot afford one night when preparatory began, but they promise a software and want caffee latte, replacement for lost in Syria is unimaginable, so for today my job in second hand we offer this notebook and several phones and printing services but we have no access nor contracts to all these empty stores and no warez as much of it is in stock market company in China and New York and London and Stuttgart, well convince a mom to be for an unborn child and these five more at the table today and have somebody sign a printout of this or just switch if we can refurbish this notebook, the month of September as a pawn they turn in electronics before the welfare and account transaction when the money arrives in their account and the last days of the months when they turn in electronics as a pawn we better have cash available and buy and refurbish and sell to these that have cash or a good credit card or EC debit card.

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