wordpress is affiliate to world federation of newspaper editors, here we have Süddeutsche Zeitung of Munich, estimating 50 000 refugees might be arriving in Munich.

So I had a friend whose mother had earning with Dr. Seibold funds in Munich Marienstrasse they simply bought the worst performing fund in the stock market and when it went insolvent there was a haircut rate of 90 %, so it was a Munich hallodri.

You will define relations to a business partner like a mutual contract, return to lettering or printing, Süddeutsche is a newspaper and they estimate until this evening at midnight 10 000 homeless persons arriving in Munich Monaco there are 10 000 persons for FC Bayern in Allianz Arena are football hooligans, elected mayoral Dieter Reiter is Mayor and they propose mandated registry of travellers by Bundespolizei FBI, means I never would be allowed to rent and sleep with this stockbroker when they had wrong decisions, the number of 10 000 refugee travellers is Süddeutsches estimation,  housing and rental and business participation of 10 000 syrian speaking humans fourteen years after the attacks on world trade center and five years after the beginning of the war in Syria is Munich as metro region, the other blogs were in Tübingen that Tagblatt is member of Südwestdeutsche Zeitungsdienst in Ulm Südwestpresse, they report the region of Ulm, 15 busses passed Plattensee the border town Hungary to Austria then were picked up for Stuttgart.

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