Eugen Bolz of Rottenburg was a speaker of Landtag since Christian Massenbach a Landtag was a chamber against the king, the Weimar Republic had a constitution Eugen Bolz was unseated and after the conspiration of July 20th executed in Berlin, his villa is uninhabited, Landtag is located in the rooms of Württembergischer Kunstverein so they do not have a resident parliament and Villa Reitzenstein is out of office so they did rent some blocks from BAMPF Bundesamt für Immobilien und Folgelasten means Federal Office rented out some blocks for Kretschmann.

A true fact for legal science is Stuttgart has no faculty for law so they may decide with OLG means superior court of justice but have to nominate of Tübingen, Freiburg and Heidelberg and have no faculty of medicine but have a government of state, so a former Ministerpräsident conspiring his home was it legal his home fell to the Nazis, was it illegal compensation against a dissolved state for reasons only Erwin Teufel spoke for it but he is a pensioner of the for ruling conservative party, when there are heirs they sold it.

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