It is monday October 26 th.

News is the government of Slovenia opened border to Croatia while announcing three days before military might intervene, so far the camp in Croatia has been cleared to the camp in Slovenia, this is refugee might claim humanitarian rescue according to the human rights of the treaty of Lisbon, there are human right according to this treaty, for Serbia there only is aquis communitaire, the basket of human rights according to the United Nations convenants of political and economic rights and the convenant of social and cultural rights, Serbia is not a member of the European Union and writed the cyrillic alphabet of Belgrade. So the domino chain, Serbia, Croatia is a member of European Union, the Slovenia is member of the Eurozone. Trieste, To Italy or Austria.

This was a week of rain and cold and fog, so we have a temporary late autumn weather, this might be three more days.

I packaged the refugee handbook in arabic this is handwritten and we can process for digitization for scanning then for scribd or for Android, it is a bit outdated so on November 1st we invite for Suleiman Taufiq the reading of his essays untranslated form syrian arabic these are set in typographed arabic, we still have the handwritten reproduced.

So great difficulty in DIN keyboards when there is keyboard drivers and email setting, this is a technically problem solved by memory, technically this follows the United Nations freedom of expression and culture, we prefer culture and take it when there are easy technical programs.

So EBRD is the monetary organization of the European Union based in Luxembourg for monetary assistence and we know there are islands in the Aegäis with little water and few homes then Heraklion is Ryanair, for many the next week may be decisive as frost is drawing energy from the body and they freeze to death,

Right now EBRD may rent facilities in Greece as well as Croatia and Slovenia may be microfunding from Llubljana, Raiffeisen has a good service net in Eastern Europe.

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