Eulogy Kaddish

These provincial towns had Imperium Romanum meant building a post and a bath they had the old testament in hebrew before and new testament in greek and Gaius Julius Cäsar in the backpack means religion travels with skript and technoloy.

Franciscan built a monastery here, some monk from Assisi traveled and build a church, here across the street thoug regulation and laws were jewish traders in cattle were prohibited from landowning but also trading was from the farmer to meat processing and into the gulasch of the wealthy November 9 th since 1815 and 1848 industrization there were mikwes and textile manufacturing and first world war then in the depression years proto industrialization was gold jewellers manufacture fell idle, goldsmiths lay off and for the empty factory from 1928 to 1933 a synagogue, after the war were my high school gymn was the lazarett establishing the new currency by the US, founding a new state by the US by treaty, the old savings and loan Raiffeisen had lost its money but public law offical Sparkasse opened, on the location of the synagogue.

One is public law when capital is the county means taxes had been invested and earning into the limousine of a Landrat, some fiscal crisis later, November 9th they speak kaddish, Goldman Sachs does not need their marble.

Means for murder and legal failure there is no kaddish.

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