Microsoft had coportate licenses for Frankfurt University means who is a student will receive a corporate systems key to download windows and office 2016.

So these are Wissenschafts- und Bildungspolitik registered students have a new max, they will not afford rooms and apartments, but when fees are paid, they have commuter tickets and software keys, we offer an old system ASUS Pentium 15,6 “ 269,– € accept 10 000 hardware licenses and software licenses, integration was the old concept of philosophy of Leibnitz so when he talked integration he meant integration the mathematical concept, we mean integration as a system like how many windows 7 licenses  are a group for one windows 10 in software.

Real system problems were Bundestag has 600 licenses and one root server so one windows server and 600 clients.

Real processing problem was a chairman heard testimonials and the investigative group is 50 persons, so he chopped together 50 textblocks of word 2007, each had an official license but when chiarman was suspend for illegal purchases in Canada, rearch and rescues means there is legal content and there is illegal content on server, PC and notebook, of course they will take his notebook, a may purchse a new clean system.

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