It has been an awful night of events in Paris

Searching the quietness of the library I looked up the constitution of France it is the Republic is presidential so there is a chapter, legally both chambers were called in an there is a voting valid with a majority, for the attacks in Paris first there was called a three month emergency borders were closed and the treaty of Schengen abandonded, this night fighting of CRS in Saint Denis north of Paris, one subject killed, one suicide bomber blown up.

So there is this legalistic debate about a constitution comparative as there are italy, Denmark, Euroepan Court of human rights is situated in Strasbourg if federal court of Germany passed to European Court in Luxembourg and Strasbourg is involved, there will be physical access between Karlsruhe and Strasbourg only with open borders and a European passport with biometrics, of course there are lower courts as the chamber of commerce in Paris these are legal reasons to stay in Paris but of course a right to assemble unarmed under open sky is a right, being invited.

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