So on elections the real history matters, according to adoption of Napoleons civil law one city lost Reichsunittelbarkeit in a process of secularization so only monasteries of a sample of Orden were secularized, Augustiner, Dominikaner, the process of centralization was from Stuttgart the Duke of Württemberg in his neo feudal building policy established Ludwigsburg and was approved by Napoleon, so the court was in Ludwigsburg, established into the villages which were attached to the court, lutheran villages were governed by the king, the establishment of the university of Tübingen by duke Eberhardt Karl was older and had government of academics for themselves but supported by the duke within a city, Tübingen had university and municipal elements and the castle of the king, the beginning of administrative law building up the academy of the king of Prussia against Napoleon, so these evil battles between France and Prussia and Russia and Austria there were war between Prussia and Austria too, the kingdom of Austria and Hungary and Bohemia collapsed too, in 1918.

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